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     "Who We Are In Christ Jesus"

Who Are We In Christ Jesus, is written by Dr. Alveda King, the niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Throughout this work the author reveals an unhidable picture of todayʼs society, and its complex functions. Who Are We In Christ Jesus, exposes the carry over from a mystery of an enigma, wrapped in the annals of Biblical and non-Biblical pages of an untold history. more...



"Anagrams of Dialectic Anthithesis"

This unique book is a poetic philosophic lamentation interces-sion prophecy describing the underlying dynamics behind the African peoples. The message of Anagrams is communicated using the ancient Khemetic (Egyptian) thought forms of anagrams, puns, palindromes, and irony. It is based on 13 traits structured in a dialectic format - beginning with the antithesis. From there, the antithesis of the Africans’ original state, the book describes the synthesis condition of African people and on to the reemergence of Africa and Africans thesis (original) state is the revelation of ancient African spirituality (Maat) and Christianity as reflected in the Cosmic Order. It is a must read for the thinking African who longs to know why the African slavery took place and what the present day Destiny is of Africans everywhere. The title of the book “Anagrams of Dialectic Antithesis,” is but the anagram of its caption “Ta Ne chi ... Messia God’s Altar in Fiat.” more...


The Black Biblical Heritage
Dr. John L. Johnson

Was Jesus a Black man?
Were the people of the Bible actually black skinned? Was Moses a Black man in Africa? Who are the children of Israel? Africans? Are there Black people in the Bible?

The Black Biblical Heritage,
explores these and other questions that have plagued the hearts of every dark skinned person; as if "The Supreme Creator" has forsaken people of color. In fact the whole book is about a beloved dark-skinned people romanced by God. In today's World Assembles (Churches), the Black race has been misrepresented throughout the Bible, and on several occasions, has been discarded (through translations) from the Holy Scriptures; as well as stripped from the pages of history. Only now can the truth be told, from the extensive research done by Dr. John L. Johnson.


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Dr. John L. Johnson is a retired Federal Employee. He served three years in the United States Marine Corps, and became highly decorated while serving in Vietnam. One of his specialties while serving his country, was mastering the Vietnamese language, and becoming a trans-lator for the Marine Corps. His experience in ground warfare inspired him to become a writer and spokesman on various Biblical subject.

The author was born in Althei-mer, Arkansas and reared in Tucson, Arizona. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Louis University, in Missouri, and two Doctorates from the "New World Theological Seminary," and the "New World Bible Institute," in Texarkana, Arkansas. The author has traveled throughout Europe, and a portion of Asia and Africa. He has appeared on radio and television engagements through-out the United States, and has received numerous awards for his writings.

One of his most cherished awards was the key to the city of El Paso Texas, presented to him by the city's mayor, Larry Francis. Dr. John L. Johnson was also se-lected by the "Marquis Who's Who in the Midwest," a biographical guide that is found in most local and public libraries. He has contributed over thirty years in researching Biblical information along with other important subjects relating to the significance of black/dark colors, and the African origin in the Bible; subjects that are often misrepresented or excluded from today's churches.

Dr. Johnson is the author of six books "The Black Biblical Heritage," "500 Questions and Answers on the Black Presence in the Bible," "God's Kinship with Dark Colors," The Hamitic Bible Dictionary," "The Original Names and Descript-ions of God and Jesus," and "The Negro Rulers of Scotland and the British Isles." These non-fictional books provide a wealth of innovative knowledge in respect to people of color, places and things in the Bible. The author is also a contributor to "The Original African Heritage Study Bible."

These books are enjoyed by persons of all ages. Since 1975, Johnson Books have always supported the Black community in its efforts to learn of its cultural history regarding the origin of man and civilization. We present materials that not only designate where Noah's Ark landed, but also where it began.Our products sell because we truly believe in our motto, "Studying The Past Divines The Future," which in essence means, that knowledge of our past can only heighten our awareness and understanding of who we are, and from whence we came; realizing that man's present and future accomplish-ments, are merely a conse-quence of his past.

Our purpose is to solely promote invaluable information, with the intention to search for those reservoirs of untapped resources and ideas that can be passed from generation to generation. The value of these books are important to people of all ages, from pre-schoolers to the elderly.


This text highlights the earliest African rulers of Scotland, Southern Ireland and United Kingdom; a chronicle that focus upon the Alpin Dynasty from Kenneth MacAlpin and his great-great-grandson Kenneth Dubh (Dub) or Kenneth the Niger (Black, Duff or Duffy) more...
Black Biblical History Compact Disc